Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Arrived in Hobart

Belated happy new year, everyone!
Well here I am in Hobart.  Still enjoying Tasmanian hospitality.  I'm staying in the home of David & Ruth Jones, at the top of a hill in a suburb in Hobart with a fine view of Mount Wellington.  David's my supervisor for this month.  Tomorrow I'll be confirming the plans for the rest of my month - including where I'll be preaching.  
Two highlights from the convention that finished this morning: 
1. On new year's eve, we had an evening "concert" - as in an occasion for everyone to ham up and have fun.  My favourite act was a song, "I Bought on E-Bay", to the tune of Back Street Boy's "I Want It That Way" (use your imagination...).  Apparently it's a Weird Al Yankovitcvh parody.  
2. On 1 Jan there was a traditional Hobart vs Launceston cricket match.  The two sides argued over which side I should play for (as in they both wanted me...!).  Eventually I played for Hobart - and was asked to captain...! (What the...?) I'm afraid Hobart lost - 118 vs Launceston's 160 - but it was a good match...!  

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