Thursday, 24 January 2008

Deuteronomy at TLC

Well, this is gonna be my biggest weekend in Tassie yet.  Tomorrow I head off on Tasmanian Leadership Conference ("TLC").  It's the Tasmanian equivalent to the Katoomba Youth Leadership Convention ("KYLC" - get with the acronyms...).  I'm doing three talks on the book of Deuteronomy.  34 chapters in three talks - what was I thinking...?!?  So my three talks are: 
Deut 1-11: Saved to serve 
Deut 12-27: Radical Holiness 
Deut 28-34: Looking Forward to the Next New Thing 
I'm a bit intimidated.  There's some 70 or so people at this conference, all of them the potential future young church leaders here in Tassie.  And I'm teaching them from Deuteronomy, and trying to model Biblical Theology.  I crave your prayers...!  

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