Sunday, 6 January 2008

Preaching went well

I've just preached in the oldest still-operating Congregationalist Church in Australia!
Congregationalist...? I thought you were a Presbyterian...?
Let me explain.
Richmond is a quaint, historical town half-an-hour's drive out of Hobart. It's got lots of old stuff - Australia's oldest bridge, and the oldest Congregational Church in the country. There's about twenty people who meet there. Many of them come from the surrounding countryside.
For the last four years, that church has had an arrangement with David Jones - my supervisor - where he preaches week by week, and assists them in their ministry. So I just preached for them...!
I also preached at Cornerstone Church this morning. It was very well received. One of the elders said to me "how did you know our church so well? It's as if you've been here for years!" So I confessed: "well, er, actually, David Jones gave me some advice yesterday afternoon..."
So thanks very much, all of you who prayed for me. Today's gone very well. Very well indeed.

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