Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Long have we thirsted!

In the mid 16th century, Mary of Guise, Queen Regent of Scotland (NOT Bloody Mary of England - NOR the Mary who was executed by Elizabeth I. Too many Marys around those days...), was a thoroughgoing Papist. But upon her death in 1560, the Protestant nobility of Scotland - who controlled the Scottish Parliament - declared Scotland a Protestant nation, and asked the clergy to frame a Protestant confession of faith. This confession was drafted by six Johns - Knox, Willcox, Winram, Spottiswood, Row and Douglas - in four days flat.
The Scottish Confession of 1560 was has a refreshing declaratory fervour that testifies to its genesis. It is the first act of a church freed from the shackles of Papist oppression; the testimony of that church to the gospel that freed it; and, for these reasons and more, a jolly good read...
There's lots of copies of this confession on the web - but make sure you get one with the preface. It's an important part of the vigour of the document.

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