Friday, 23 May 2008

Pulled in three different directions

At the moment, I'm being pulled in three different directions. All of them worthwhile, all of them quite enjoyable. It's just hard keeping up with all three.
They are:
1. St David's Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.
I'm technically the Assistant to the Minister, but we don't have a senior minister, so I got no-one to assist. In practice I hold myself accountable to the Board of Elders. I'm quite enjoying preaching regularly, and meeting with people, and running the youth group, and trying to get about cross-cultural evangelism happening. It's just that there's other things I'd like to do... but I don't have the time.
2. Study at the Presbyterian Theological Centre ("PTC")
When I finished my study at Moore, I still had lots of questions in my mind. My study at the PTC is addressing a lot of them. I'm really enjoying getting clarity on these issues - like natural theology, the significance of Jesus' positive obedience to the Father, the interaction between God's longing and his purposeful in sending Jesus to atone for people's sins. I'd like to spend more time, chase down more issues... but I don't have the time.
3. Sub-continental Bible Ministry ("SBM")
My para-church Bible study is effectively already a church. We do evangelism, weekends away, socials, all in our own name. I'm really excited with SBM - we've got a lot of potential. Everyone's really keen, committed, and competent. I'd like to meet with people more, do more training... but I don't have the time.
It's frustrating to be pulled in three different directions...

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