Friday, 30 May 2008

Turning up the HEAT on Strathfield

On 8-15 June, St David's is gonna turn up the HEAT on Strathfield - we're gonna have a Heightened Evangelistic Activity Time (HEAT)! (*boom-boom*...) We crave your prayers.
On Sundays 8 & 15 June, we'll have a visiting speaker - Josh Kuswadi, from Evangelism Ministries ( On 8 June he'll speak on Rom 3:21-25, under the title "God's Amazing Gift". On 15 June he'll speak on the rich young ruler, under the title "Do you want to be really rich?".
On Sat 14 June we're going out door-knocking, trying to chat with people in the suburb and invite them to church. We're also trying to organise a men's social event for the afternoon and / or evening of that day.
During the week, I hope church people will organise low-key evang events - socials, dinners, lunches; the sort of thing we can invite our non-Christian friends to, without embarrassment.
Like I said, we crave your prayers for this week. Let's see what happens...

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