Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Why do the Nations Rage in Vain?

I'm in a musical mood :)
Here's a meditation on Psalm 2. Anyone wanna put it to music...?

Verse 1
The seers and the prophets,
They had promised long ago,
The seed would come, born of woman,
To lay the serpent low.
A conqueror, a saviour,
His glory he would show,
For he would be the Son of God,
And all the world would know.

So why do the nations rage in vain?
For as one man they take their stand
Against the Lord who reigns.
“Let us break off their bonds”, they say,
“And throw away their chains”.
But the Lord of all, He has installed,
His Son – the Lamb once slain.

Verse 2
Jesus Christ, our sacrifice,
Was nailed upon the tree.
He took for us the wrath of God,
In pain and cruelty.
But on the cross, the king he was,
If you have eyes to see.
For with one blow, salvation flows:
New life for you and me.


Verse 3
Brothers, our Lord Jesus Christ,
He shall return again,
And not in shame and weakness,
But in power will he reign.
For on that day, what’er [whatever] men say,
His glory will be plain.
From shore to shore, we shall adore,
God’s son, the Lamb once slain.


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