Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Accepted as a Presbyterian candidate

I've just returned from meeting of Sydney Presbytery, at which I was accepted as an ordination candidate. At last, after all these years of floating around, I have a clear "path" for ministry. Praise God.
As a candidate, I get formal access the Presbyterian ministry network - local, statewide, national & international - for ministry opportunities, and general fellowship and fraternisation. And, as you all no doubt are aware, the whole point of me wanting to be Presbyterian rather than any other denomination is that I fit the Presbyterian way of doing things.
So - I'm now officially part of the Presbyterian world - let's explore it...


John McClean said...

I get to be the first to say congratulations and welcome (at least the first online). Well done. I'll be interested to hear what you got asked.

Many blessings,


Roger Gallagher said...


mum said...

To my son
I loved you when you were baptised a Methodist in Sri Lanka, dedicated a Baptist in Hawai, Confirmed an Anglican back in Sri Lanka - and so on - you have found your special niche - and I love you still!