Friday, 20 June 2008

Gospel. Community and the Cyberchurch of God

If I may blow my own trumpet for a minute... I've got an article in the latest CASE magazine. "Gospel, Community and the Cyberchurch of God". Pages 20-21 in CASE Newsletter no. 15. In it, I examine the recent phenomenon of Cyberchurches - Christian communities on-line.
CASE is the Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education. It's the apologetics arm of New College, the Evangelical residential college at the University of New South Wales. It provides training courses, and the CASE magazine, in order to help Christians engage the non-Christian in an intelligent, informed way; and also challenge non-Christians with a coherent world-view in dialogue with their own.
I highly recommend becoming a CASE associate - which subscribes you to the mag, and gets discounted (sometimes free) enrolment into CASE courses. See

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