Monday, 30 June 2008

It's moments like these...

I wasn't expecting it. I was talking about our sure hope of seeing God face-to-face. Rom 5:1-11. It came from one of the - ah - more mature members of our congregation who - ah - might be seeing God before most of the rest of us. I said "being reconciled to God means when he sees us, he'll call us by name, throw his arms around us and welcome us home!"
That's when we heard it. Loud and clear. "Hallelujah!"
She didn't stand up & wave her hands around or anything. Just said it. Loud, but not yelling. Dignified, but with conviction.
Jonathan Edwards said "true religion consists in holy affections." I obviously stirred a holy affection in that dear old saint. She obviously was genuinely looking forward to seeing her Lord.
It's moments like these that make preaching worthwhile.

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