Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Diaspora ministry

Overseas Missionary Fellowship ("OMF") is a missionary outreach to East Asia. It's the ongoing work of Hudson Taylor's China Inland Mission. OMF Diaspora Ministries is focused on Chinese, Japanese, Philippino and Thai people living outside their home country. It's becoming a bigger focus in OMF’s ministry world-wide. At the moment there are about 40 OMF members working among these people groups in the US, UK, Europe and Australia/NZ.
Diaspora ministry isn't the same as third culture kids. It's ministry to their parents. The ones who come to a new country, and have to learn a new language, new culture etc. The ones who, in an effort to preserve their cultural identity, become hyper-conservatively traditional. And give their kids a headache. For SBM to reach this group, we're gonna have to think cross-culturally. Even though we're both subcontinentals.
It's interesting that there are so many people in this category that OMF have decided to deliberately co-ordinate their efforts. Just goes to show that we don't have to go overseas - they're coming to us!
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