Wednesday, 9 July 2008

SBM mission month - off to a strong start

July is SBM's mission month. We're running four evangelistic events - one a week.
Yesterday we kicked off with an evang dinner in the city. It was an unqualified success, for three reasons:
1. The gospel was proclaimed - several times - in different ways. There was a short, simple talk; then a testimony; then discussion at tables; then a question time. In all four contexts, we talked about Jesus & what he's done & why we need to respond to him - ie, the gospel. But because they were different contexts, it wasn't repetitive but rather interesting and mutually reinforcing. 2. Non-Christians were present. Even though a few piked out - including my invitee (*?/%#@*!!) - there were others there.
3. The atmosphere was relaxed & friendly. So our guests relaxed, and chatted openly and honestly. One guest said "it wasn't hardcore, just a bunch of friends having a casual discussion". Chatting over food was probably the key to this.
Now, let's pray that people follow through with their initial interest.

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