Saturday, 23 August 2008

Downloadable books

I was having a quiet evening browsing online bookshops for bargains (whaddya mean, that's really nerdy? Doesn't everybody do that?) and I thought I'd update you on two sites for downloadable e-books on theological & Biblical studies (th-e-ology...?).
Logos publishers make ancient and modern Biblical and theological works available on their Libronix platform. They have works by great Reformed theologians like John Owen, A. A. Hodge, B. B. Warfield (what is it with Princeton theologians and repeated initials?), and modern luminaries such as Don Carson, Millard Erickson, Thomas Schreiner and Kevin Vanhoozer. For their current pre-publication specials, see Their blog's at
Ages Library provide ridiculously cheap downloads of classic authors, including Jonathan Edwards, Robert Louise Dabney, John Bunyan, Carl F. H. Henry, & others. They use a simple Acrobat PDF platform. Visit them at
Quick disclaimer: I have no financial or personal interest in either of these sites, I just want to help other people who like to spend a quiet evening browsing online bookshops for bargains.

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Adam said...

Hey, I also find a great resource for free (out of copyright) theological texts