Saturday, 9 August 2008


Just created another section to the links: bookshops. Down the bottom right of the page.
Bookfinder and Addall search various book seller sites - Amazon, Alibris, Abebooks, Barnes & Noble, etc. They also factor in exchange rates and shipping prices - so make sure you set "shipping destination" to "Australia", and "currency" to AUD.; Better World Books raise funds for third-world literacy, have quite good prices, and very cheap postage - $2 worldwide! I don't know how they do it!
Then of course there's the local Christian book sellers: Koorong, Reformers, Moore, Word and Christian Books Australia.
Koorong is big and (usually) cheap - but wait for sales, and always check that you can't get the same price (sometimes cheaper!) at Reformers or Moore. Always check Koorong's markdowns - I've picked up quite a few unexpected bargains there. Quality theology doesn't sell well - a pity for everyone else, bonus for us!
Speaking of of quality theology - Moore and Reformers have an excellent selection thereof. Moore has a broader range; Reformers is reliably Calvinist-Reformed (hence the name...).; Word often has unexpected bargains - keep an eye on their catalogue. If you're in town and have a few minutes to spare, their city store is worth a visit.
Christian Books Australia is the old Rockdale Christian Books. They have an outstanding selection of second-hand Christian books, both theological and devotional. Their shop is in Rockdale; but if you're in the southern highlands, drop into their book barn. I haven't yet - dunno if it's a good idea - I'll probably try to buy the whole barn...

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Sash said...

Just spent about $50 on 4 books at Better World Books- all titles I wanted but didn't want to pay 'new book price' and helping a literacy program at the same time so thanks. Although considering books are my weakness, maybe I shouldn't have found out about this site....