Thursday, 25 September 2008

Henty: cross-cultural ministry?

Y'know, the SPY mission to Henty is gonna be a cross-cultural experience for me. I'm a real city boy. I feel at home in a suit. I like crowds, noise, activity, energy: to me, they signify life, purpose, direction. I don't mind wide open spaces - for a little while. Then I need a bit of concrete again. Which end of a horse is the front? And whaddya mean, milk comes from cows - doesn't it come from a bottle?
Henty's a sleepy little village. Everyone there probably hates crowds, noise and bustle. I hope I don't get bored & restless. And how are they going to cope with an immigrant? I know the church people will welcome me, but what about the other townspeople? Might they still be racist?
On the other hand: the gospel doesn't change. And human nature is the same everywhere: people, made in the image of God, rebelling against him. It's just the form of that rebellion that differs.
More long term: the Presbyterians in NSW are stronger in the country than the city. At the end of next year, when I become eligible for a full-time posting, there's a small chance I might be sent out to the country. It's unlikely - everyone knows I'm interested in city multicultural ministry - but not impossible.
D'you think I'd cope?
Well, this Henty mission is one way to find out.

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