Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Ministry Undergirded by Grace

Joe Coffey, lead pastor of Hudson Community Chapel, makes some very honest admissions in his Themelios article How a Mega-Church is Rediscovering the Gospel. Three things struck me (the first two are tangential to the article itself):
(1) The senior minister really does have a big impact on the church. Yes I know that's obvious to most people - but can I tell you honestly that sometimes, from the perspective of us ministers, it looks like people completely ignore us, and we have no impact at all. I suspect many ministers would be surprised as to how big an impact they personally have on their church. Whether it's a pleasant or unpleasant surprise depends on their quality of that impact. Speaking of which:
(2) The corollary of (1) is that when a minister takes time to look after his family and his own godliness - read the Bible himself, pray, take a day off, talk to his wife, play with the kids - he's serving his church. A useful pastor is a godly one, with a godly family. Churches should encourage their ministers to look after their own godliness, and look after their families. Ministers should prioritise their families and their personal devotion to God. This is good for the minister, good for his church, and good for the kingdom of God.
(3) This is the main point of the article: all of this is underpinned by God's grace, not our efforts. Philippians 2:12-13: As we work, God works in us, to will and act according to his good purposes.

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