Monday, 22 September 2008

SPY mission to Henty

SPY is Strathfield Presbyterian Youth. They're the - uh - youth group at Strathfield Presbyterian. Yeah - you wouldn't guess it from the name, would you (*sigh*).
Anyway - next week, we're off on a mission. To the little town of Henty, in country NSW. We'll be helping Henty Presbyterian Church put on a kid's club. We'll be presenting skits and plays from the Amazing Rescue program, created by Quizworx. The talks cover creation, sin, Jesus' death & resurrection, and looking forward to glory. The skits are about a hero jungle lad saving a damsel in distress from an evil tribe trying to cook her. No, I don't get to play the hero jungle lad - one of the youth group guys gets to do that - I have to play the part of the chief villain (*sigh* again).
The mission goes from Wednesday 1 - Sunday 5 Oct. We'd appreciate your prayers, that:
  • lots of children would come to the kid's program;
  • they'd clearly hear the message about Jesus, put their trust in him, and he saved;
  • we would perform the skits and talks in a fun, interesting, challenging way that clearly communicates the gospel to the children;
  • the SPY team would learn lots about ministry, and ourselves be deepened in our understanding of the gospel;
  • we'd have good relationships with our hosts at Henty, and be of mutual encouragement;
  • we'd have safe travel down on Wednesday, and back on Sunday.

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