Friday, 14 November 2008

SBM Next Year

Subcontinental Bible Ministry ("SBM") is the inter-church Bible study group I've been involved in for about four years. About 40 young Indians & Sri Lankans from various churches around Sydney have been gathering on Thurs nights for Bible study, prayer & fellowship.
Next year, SBM will be starting a church. We're becoming the evening congregation of St Andrew's Anglican church, Strathfield - which is where we've been meeting for Bible study over these last few years.
Last night we officially announced the church plant. The hall of St Andrew's church was packed - must've been between 70-80 people there. Apart from the regular SBM people, there were parents of SBM regulars - come to find out what this strange group their little boy or girl has got involved in - and St Andrew's church people, come to celebrate with us.
St Andrew's has a flourishing Korean ministry. Their minister, Kevin Kim, said that they had a very similar history to SBM: starting small, growing little by little, to an established ministry. He encouraged us that in ten years time, God willing, SBM will be a flourishing church, able to support a new church plant - just like they're supporting us. And so the pattern continues.

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