Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Reepicheep's song

The journey of life may be easy, may be hard,
There’ll be dangers on the way;
With Christ at my side, I’ll do battle as I ride
‘Gainst the foe that would lead me astray.

Will you ride, ride, ride with the King of kings,
Will you follow my leader true;
Will you shout hosanna to the lowly Son of God,
Who died for me and you?

My burden is light, and a song is in my heart,
As I travel on life’s way;
For Christ is my Lord, and he’s given me his word,
That by my side he’ll stay.


When doubts arise, and when tears are in my eyes,
When all seems lost to me,
With Christ as my guide, I can smile whate’er betide,
For he my strength will be.


I’ll follow my leader wherever he may go,
For Jesus is my friend;
He’ll lead me on to the place where he has gone,
When I come to my journey’s end.


* * * * *

Incidentally - it's not actually Reepicheep's song. It's a hymn, called The Journey of Life (*shock*). But if Reepicheep sang anything, I reckon this'd be it.

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