Saturday, 17 January 2009

Can you keep a secret?

I have three secrets which I am about to systematically divulge online.
1. Where am I going to church this year?
This is a bit of an open secret – most of you know I’ve been negotiating with Merrylands East Presbyterian Church. I’m still haven’t been formally appointed – Committee of Management still need to authorise my salary (!!!) – but I think I’m in. I’ve been introduced to the English-speaking youth congregation - they'll be my major ministry - and I’m doing one talk at their church camp next weekend. Details will follow in future posts.
2. Where am I living this year?
I told you: Edinburgh! You know – the one in North Parramatta.
I’m living in a unit block in North Parramatta, named Edinburgh. Appropriate for a Presbyterian, especially a Subcontinental one (*huh...???*). It's a little two-bedroom unit - real bachelor pad - which I've got all to myself. I've turned the main bedroom into the LIBRARY!!! (*Yahoo!*) Pics in future posts. And I'll have a housewarming once I get the rest of my furniture & set the place up (yes, I did the most important room first: the library. Anyone surprised?).
3. What have I been up to in the last couple of weeks?
Ah yes, this is the best secret of all. Let’s just say I’ve been working on a major publication project. I expect it’ll take at least another six months to finalise – by which time my co-author and I will have been working on it, on & off, for a whole year. What is it about? You'll have to wait & see (*heh, heh, heh...*).

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