Thursday, 29 January 2009

Merrylands East Presbyterian Church

MEPC used to be called Arabic Presbyterian Church. It began about twenty-five years ago as - er - a Presbyterian Chuch for people who spoke Arabic (funny, that...). Most of the members are from Egypt; some from the Sudan, Iraq, Syrian, Lebanon and Palestine. At the beginning they only did church in Arabic. The main service is still in that language.
About twelve years ago they started an English service for the young people growing up here in Aus, who's preferred language is English. This is the group I'm ministering with. I'll be their second minister - there's already an older man, Sami Gerges, who's the main minister for the English congregation. I think they want me because I'm closer to the second generation - like them, I grew up here in Aust. My main responsibilities will be:
  • sharing the preaching load with Sammi;
  • training in ministry & leadership;
  • evangelism.

Last weekend I attended the church camp. It was a really good opportunity to get to know people. I think I was well accepted by both the youth (English-language congregation) and their parents (Arabic-language congregation). When I say youth, they're not children - they're high school, uni/TAFE and young workers, at that age & stage of life with maximum ministry potential. Should be fun. Stay tuned for more news.

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