Sunday, 1 February 2009

Novel references to Australia #2

Richard “Dikko” Henderson, Australian diplomat in Japan, loses his temper when he discovers he’s been wire-tapped by the Japanese secret service:

The huge right fist crashed into the left palm with the noise of a .45 pistol shot. The great square face of the Australian turned almost purple and the veins stood out on the grizzled temples. With controlled violence, but almost under his breath, he intoned savagely:

I bludge,
Thou bludgest,
He bludges,
We bludge,
You bludge,
They all bludge.


‘This is the great Australian insult. You can use it anyways.’ He raised his voice. ‘But in general it means a worthless pervert, ponce, scoundrel, liar, traitor and rogue—with no redeeming feature. And I hope your stewed seaweed sticks in your gullet at breakfast tomorrow when you know what I think of you.’

Ian Fleming, You Only Live Twice (Penguin, 1964): 32-33.

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