Saturday, 3 January 2009

Prizes for guessing my favourite Narnia character

Last month, I ran a little competition to guess my favourite Narnia character. I offered two prizes: one for the first person who correctly guessed the character, and one for the most interesting explanation of why you think a particular character is my favourite.
The responses were:
  • Reepicheep - because you're always up for a fight, no matter the odds (Mark);
  • Mr Beaver - because he tells the kids about Aslan, and guides them to him even at risk of his own comforts, while looking after their welfare and also being very cuddly... (Sash);
  • Reepicheep - because I think he is just like you. Always willing to do what it takes and not afraid to say what you think (Vera); and
  • Mr Beaver - cos he looks like you as a teenager! (my Mum) (*sigh*).
The answer was Reepicheep - as correctly guessed by Mark. As a prize, I'm sending him two play masks for his kids, and a how-to-draw-a-superhero kit which he can give the kids, or use himself if he really wants...
As for the most interesting reason: I was torn between Sash and mum - both went for Mr Beaver, which is interesting - but it's boring to give a prize to one's mum, and family members are usually exempt from competitions, so I think I'll give this prize to Sash. I'll get her something from my holiday in the Snowy Mountains - maybe something on beavers... :)


Mark said...


Mark said...

The prizes arrived today and the kids are very pleased. Cheers.

Sash said...

Thanks for the vote- won by default so perhaps not as glorious. I'll look forward to the pressie - always wanted a beaver fur coat or maybe a pair of fur lined gloves;-) ha ha.