Saturday, 21 February 2009

Public sex at Macquarie Anglican churches!

Macquarie Anglican Churches ("MAC") have decided to be public about sex. During March, they're hosting MAC Whoopee: four talks on God and sex.
  • Session 1: The Chemical Conspiracy of Love and Desire - how God wired us for a good time.
  • Session 2: Making Whoopee - how to have healthy, heavenly sex, the way God intended us to.
  • Session 3: Whoopee and the Wiggles: Talking about sex to the kids.
  • Session 4: Aging disgracefully: good sex for those who are - uh - more mature than the rest of us.
And the speaker of course will be none other than Dr Pat - better known to me as "Mum". MAC is using this to open their Connect 09 program.

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Puritan Lad said...

Just an observation here on this type of thing:

Churches should speak about sex as the Bible does. The danger, however, is that many churches are using sex talks as a church growth gimmick. When ads are being posted on billboards about such "sermon" series, one has to wonder about the motive. When was the last time a church posted a billboard ad about a sermon series on the holiness of God?