Monday, 30 March 2009

Coffee on the impact of the global financial crisis on employment

The Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE – that’s a great acronym…) is a research centre at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Their research, as their name suggests, aims to restore full employment – that is, everyone who's willing to work at the going labour market rate, gets a job.
In light of the global financial crisis, they've published an employment vulnerability index. The map for Sydney shows, unsurprisingly, that western Sydney is most at risk. I minister in the Parramatta region, the unofficial capital of western Sydney. The churches of our region must think about the how to minister to people, if there's a sudden increase in unemployment.
I'll post some thoughts on economics, employment and the gospel - AFTER I finish the paper on Calvin.
'Nuff procrastinating - back to Calvin & sex.

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gta mls said...

Coffee (great acronym indeed :)) is being a little too optimistic here. I wonder what the results for full employment in their research are. Good luck with the ministering,