Sunday, 8 March 2009

SBM weekend away April 3-5

On April 3-5, I’m going to be speaking at the weekend away of Subcontinental Bible Ministry (“SBM”). I was involved with their Bible studies 'til last year. This year, they've become a new congregation of St Andrew's Anglican church in Strathfield.
I'm going to be speaking on "what it means to be an evangelistic, cultural church", 'coz that's what SBM want to be: a church that reaches out to people from the sub-continent (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh). I'm going to post my current thoughts for my three talks:
1. What it means to be evangelistic;
2. What it means to be cultural;
3. What it means to be church.
I'd appreciate any thoughts & feedback you have, so I can improve them.
First post tomorrow!


Mark said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great weekend Kamal!

I'm curious about (2). To what extent does that mean you're going to be a culturally sub-continental church?

Kamal Weerakoon said...

Thanks Mark. Shall post about culture on Tues. Appreciate your thoughts at that point.

Mark said...

I've never figured out how 'ethnic' churches strategically reach out to a particular culture, yet enthusiastically welcome all people in at the same time.