Saturday, 1 May 2010

Clive Cussler on redemptive substitution

Of all the crazy places to find a reference to Jesus & his death in our place - Clive Cussler!
While Giordino and his passengers were in the lock, Pitt quickly turned his attention to the boarding of the second submersible. He ordered the NUMA team women to enter first. Then he silently nodded for Stacy to follow.
She hesitated at the hatch opening, shot him a strained, questioning look. She was standing quite still as though stunned by what was happening around her.
'Are you going to die becuase I took your place?' she asked softly.
Pitt flashed a madcap smile. 'Keep a date open for rum collins at sunset on the lanai of the Halakalani Hotel in Honolulu.'
As the submersible rolled into the air lock and the door closed with a sickening finality, Plunkett slapped Pitt's back with a great bear paw of a hand.
'You're a brave one, Mr Pitt. No man could have played God better.'
Clive Cussler, Dragon, pages 80-81.

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