Saturday, 3 July 2010

Prayer requests for this month

We interrupt the worship of God (!) for some prayer requests...

This coming week (5-9 July), I'm going to be at Mid Year Conference with Campus Bible Ministry (CBM), the AFES affiliate at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). This year the theme is the Cross of Christ. I'll be leading one seminar on Monday afternoon, and workshops on Tues & Wed afternoons. Apart from that I'll be hanging out with the students & seeing how they're going & generally trying to make myself useful. Please pray for us, that we'll all learn lots, grow in our understanding of & love for the crucified Christ, and plan well for the second half of the year.

While that's on, the Presbyterian Church is having it's NSW State Assembly. It's the major annual ministry & business meeting for the state church. Seeing as I'm not yet ordained, I don't have to turn up. But please pray for this meeting, that all the decisions - administrative, pastoral and evangelistic-mission - will honour God and advance the kingdom of Christ.

Then after that, I'm off to SweatCon 2010 - a training conference for SW Sydney. 12-15 July. I'm in charge of admin; and teaching an overview of the whole Bible; and leading workshops on service & song leading. Oh boy.

Then finally, after that, I'm off to Melbourne for the Religion in the Public Square colloquium hosted by the Church & Nation Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria. 22-24 July. I'm presenting a paper on Biblical sexual ethics.

Yeah, I know. Quite a month. Don't worry, in amongst all of this I'm having a holiday in Melbourne, so I will have a bit of a break. And yes - the posts on sex, and the ones on worship, come from the prep for these conferences. So you know something of what I'm going to say.

Thanks for your prayers. Back to worship tomorrow.

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Seumas Macdonald said...

Wow, you jet-setting minister-types!

Keep up the faithful work Kamal.