Monday, 17 December 2012

Jesus the Light - A Christmas Poem by Eddie Hughes

Jesus the Light

A Christmas Poem 
by Eddie Hughes

Long before the birth of Mankind,
Outside of endless time and space
Our Creator had a master plan,
A light of saving grace.

In the Beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God
He was with God in the Beginning.
And the Word became flesh
And made His dwelling among us.

And John said: ‘I am the voice
Of the one calling in the wilderness;
‘Make straight the way for the Lord’
And the light would be called Jesus,
The anointed one of God.

He came to lead men out of darkness,
He held salvation in His hand
To those who came to know and love Him,
He’d be The Son Of Man.

With love and knowledge he would teach them
Of the Great Kingdom yet to come,
The promise of Eternal Life
To each and every one.

Across great seas He sailed,
Through miles of countryside he walked
And people came in thousands
To listen when He talked. 

He performed miracles and healing;
His name Jesus was renowned,
The blind would see His wonder,
The deaf would hear His word
The lame would walk beside him,
They all would call Him Lord,

There were those who loved their sinful ways and would not repent
Yes, they would know the wrath of God from whom He had been sent

The Sanhedrin, they felt threatened,
They feared this godly King
They didn’t like his teaching
Or the things that he had said,
How better off we’d be
If this Jesus one was dead

Later that night in the garden
Our lord would be betrayed
A kiss from a deceiver,
30 silver pieces paid.  

They adorned him with a crown of thorns,
Nailed him on a cross to die
He was forsaken by his father
Under sinful blackened sky. 

For that great light that lived amongst us
Has now been glorified
A father’s wrath, bathed in tears
Finally satisfied. 

I am the way, the truth and the life,
No one comes to the father except through me. 

Being reborn of your spirit lord, we know
One day you’ll call us home,
And we will kneel before you,
Before your judgement throne

* * * * * 

Eddie Hughes is a member of my congregation.  He became Christian sometime in 2011.