Monday, 10 March 2008

Finally official

Yesterday (Sunday 9 Mar) I officially became the part-time assistant minister of St David’s Presbyterian Church, Strathfield. I’ve been performing this role since 3 Feb; but the way Pressy polity works, an assistant minister needs to be officially appointed at a congregational meeting. Which happened yesterday.
It was our annual congregational meeting – where we hear reports on how ministry’s going, discuss the budget for the coming year… etc. When it came to discussing my appointment, I was asked to leave the room. No problem. So I left.
I thought the appointment would be merely a procedural thing. I feel very welcomed and accepted by the congregation.
So I waited outside the church building. And waited… and waited… and waited.
I started to get worried. What’s going on in there? Was there some problem with my appointment? Were there some people who didn’t want me? Had I upset people and not noticed? Was there a problem with the budget – not enough $$$ for me?
After about half an hour, I was invited back in. And told that I had been appointed, and the decision had been unanimous.
And the delay?
They were discussing whether they were paying me enough. And trying to make sure I’m not put under too much pressure to do ministry, but allowed the time to study and rest. In the words of the chairman of the meeting: “we want you to learn lots from your studies, and be emotionally and physically healthy”.
Oh me of little faith…! Why did I doubt?

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