Monday, 21 February 2011

Al Mohler on the importance of physical bookstores

I'm not surprised that Borders books are in financial trouble. They were just too expensive. And all their fancy gimmicks - Gloria Jeans cafes in the store, and staff talking to each other over wireless mics, a bit like Secret Service agents... just didn't make any difference to me. Okay, maybe I'm just a cheapskate... but that's the truth.

That said, as a thoroughgoing bibliophile, I do lament the loss of a bookstore. As Al Mohler notes in a thought-provoking blog post, physical bookstores are not just places to buy books - they're a barometer of the culture, or at least of the cub-culture that the particular bookstore is keying into.

Hmmm - better get down to the nearest Borders and see if I can snap up some cheap culture...

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