Saturday, 9 February 2008

Living in someone else's house again

Well whaddya know - I'm living as a guest in someone else's house - again.
Strathfield is a nice suburb. It's also expensive. I can't afford to live in Strathfield on my part-time ministry pay. I'd even struggle to afford a unit in the relatively humble adjoining suburbs of Homebush and Flemington. So, even though I'm the assistant minister of Strathfield Presbyterian, I was going to have to live somewhere outside the area. Probably out west, where rent's cheaper.
Enter a generous family from the church.
George & Lyn have a spare room in their house in Croydon. They're letting me stay there, for free, for at least five months.
I've just settled in. The benefits of living here are:
1. Because there's a family living here, there's a nice "homely" feel;
2. I get on really well with George & Lyn already;
3. The room's really big - bigger than my old room at my parent's place, and at least as big as my former room at Moore College;
4. Croydon's a really nice suburb too - I'll post some pics in a couple of days;
5. It's ten mins walk to the Presbyterian College, where I'll be studying part-time;
6. It's close to church, and to church people.
And all this - for free.
With this much generosity, who needs a salary...?

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