Friday, 8 February 2008

Ordinations & camaraderie

Several of my colleagues from Moore got ordained as Deacons in the Anglican Church last weekend, or commissioned as Lay Workers. See It’s really exciting; after four years of formal training – and who knows how many years of informal training – it’s really happening: we’re in full-time ministry…!
Among them were five ministerial dynasties. John Forsyth’s father, Robert, is Bishop of North Sydney. Marty Kemp’s dad Peter was once minister of Parramatta Anglican Church; my parents were under his ministry there. Because of Peter’s courageous reforms twelve years ago, Parramatta Anglican now has a booming multicultural ministry. Matt King’s the son of Brian, the former Bishop of Western Sydney, famous for always having a story about rugby union in his sermons. Marty Telfer’s dad Brian is a retired Anglican minister. And Ed Loane is the grandson of Marcus Loane, a former Archbishop of Sydney.
Y’know what I miss most about Moore? The camaraderie. It was so much fun to hang out with these guys for four years. Lord, grant that this camaraderie would continue all the days of this life - and onwards forever into glory.

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