Wednesday, 2 April 2008

P. T. Forsyth on Mission and Presbyterianism

Here's a couple more quotable quotes from P. T. Forsyth.
On Church and Mission:

[T]he minister’s effect upon missions will depend in the long run upon the kind of Gospel he preaches – not to his own people only, but, as the trustee and representative of his Church, to his age. After all it is not the missionaries, nor the ministers, nor the people that are to convert the world. It is the Gospel, and our certainty of it.
Revelation Old and New:53.

On Presbyterianism:

It was Calvinism alone, or that side of the Reformation, that mostly made the Puritans. And the unalloyed outcome of such Puritanism was Presbyterianism.
Faith, Freedom and the Future: 46-47

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