Thursday, 3 April 2008

SBM Weekend away

This weekend (4-6 April) I'm at the SBM Weekend away. SBM (Subcontinental Bible Ministry) is the inter-church Bible study group I'm involved in. About 40 young Indians & Sri Lankans from various churches around Sydney gather on Thurs nights for Bible study, prayer & fellowship. And this weekend we're going on a weekend away, to look at the topic of "Extreme Makeover: The Difference Jesus Makes".
I'm not doing all the talks - for a change :) We have three different speakers: Sonny Singh, Isaac Kuruvilla & myself. Sonny's training for ministry with the student Christian group at Macquarie Uni. He'll be looking at why we need an extreme makeover. Isaac's one of the SBM leadership team. He'll be showing us how Jesus gives us that extreme makeover. And I'll be talking about living an extremely made-over life.
Incidentally - when I deliver my talk - living an extremely made-over life - I'm gonna be a walking parable. What do I mean? You'll have to wait & see...
Or you could come on the weekend - we've got the space - any last-minute attendees...?

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