Monday, 28 April 2008

Presbyterian divisiveness

One thing that bugs me about us Presbyterians. We seem able to split over the most trivial things - like whether we sing hymns & songs in church, or only metric psalms. It's the dark side of our doctrinal robustness & willingness to speak up.
John Frame has written an excellent article on the divisions in the Presbyterian churches in the USA. He catalogues twenty-two - twenty-two...! - sources of conflict from 1936 to 2003. He argues that many of them stem from different perspectives. The sad result is that instead of rejoicing in what they agree on, people end up end up acrimoniously arguing about what they disagree over - even if it's a relatively minor matter. Ironically, the matter of different "perspectives" on the truth is itself the twenty-second item of contention (*sigh*...).
I'm all for loving the truth. But let's have some truth in love.
"Machen's Warrior Children".


John McClean said...

glad you like the article. It's a good (if scary) analysis isn't it.


Puritan Lad said...

Good Article. Some of these are extremely important (such as the ordination of women, which the Bible clearly forbids). Others not so much. They all should be discussed, but we should be able to keep these less important issues from dividing us.

Interesting that he didn't mention Federal Vision/New Perspective on Paul. Dare I say 23?