Monday, 15 December 2008

My favourite Narnia character is...

It's time to close the competition to guess my favourite Narnia character.
The answer is - Reepicheep!
Reepicheep is decended from the mice who helped cut Aslan's bonds at the stone table. In gratitude for this, Aslan turned them into talking mice. At the end of Voyage of the Dawn Treader, he reaches the end of the world and enters Aslan's country. He welcomes the children to Aslan's country in The Last Battle.
I love Reepicheep because:
  • he's loyal to Aslan, and the Pevensie children. "We have anxiously awaited your return, my liege", he says to Peter in Prince Caspian;
  • he's valiant in battle, despite overwhelming odds;
  • he's noble - he won't fight an unarmed enemy;
  • his one weakness is over-confidence - I can associate with that;
  • in the movie, he cracks some great lines - they're collected here (try and ignore the Chinese subtitles...);
  • people aren't very original in their response when they meet him. "You're a mouse!" = "Kamal - do you sing?"

Reepicheep has a fan list (yes, I'm a fan), and a little youtube tribute (no, I didn't do that - not technically competent enough).
So, who won the competition? Congratulations to Mark Barry, who picked it immediately.
I'm still thinking about the funniest explanation. Shall get back to you on that.

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Funniest explanation = your mum's!