Wednesday, 19 November 2008

All 'brewed out

Thanks for praying for my Hebrew exam. It was okay - tough, but fair. I think I'll pass - but I'm not sure. Four years ago, I thought I passed, and failed by 1 1/2 marks - got 48.5. That was really frustrating. So we'll wait & see.
Y'know - I have never yet faced a Hebrew final exam with a clear head. Here's my history with the language:
  • Nov 2004, Moore Hebrew 1A final: stressed because I was learning both Greek and Hebrew from scratch at the same time. Bad idea. Result: failed Hebrew by 1 1/2 marks (*grumble*) (passed Greek okay).
  • Jan 2005, Moore Hebrew 1A re-sit: came down with CHICKEN POX! Failed again.
  • Nov 2007, Moore Hebrew 1A again: had just handed in my 30,000-word project. Fell asleep in the exam. Failed again.
  • Nov 2008, PTC Hebrew B: stressed because of uncertainty about ministry next year. Came down with head cold. Result: ???
I'm not big on guidance, but d'you think God's trying to tell me something...?

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Seumas Macdonald said...

i still wrestle with the 'brew. if you fail, you can join my crash revision program over summer. i'll keep you accountable...