Thursday, 13 November 2008

Mother and son...?

Mother and Son is an old ABC sitcom starring Ruth Cracknell & Garry McDonald. They play Maggie & Arthur, who are - uh - mother & son (*shock*), who live together 'coz Arthur's divorced. The comedy comes from Maggie's slightly senile antics & Arthur's long-suffering devotion to her.
I'm going to have my own mother & son experience this Sunday, when my mum & I make a combined presentation on - wait for it - sex and singleness...
As I've mentioned before, my mum's an Evangelical Sexologist. This Sunday, she & I are delivering a seminar on what it means to be Christian, single, and sexual. We're going to explore questions like:
  • What does it mean to be sexual, anyway? Is it the feelings? Acting it out? Something else?
  • If I'm single, then sexual feelings are sinful - aren't they?
  • Does the Bible say anything about sex - apart from "save it 'til marriage"?
It'll be at St Matthias Anglican church, cnr Oxford St & Moore Park Rd, Sunday 16 Nov, 2:30-4:30pm. Contact them for more info. And feel free to turn up. My mum's nowhere near senile, and I'm not divorced - but I suspect there'll be plenty of sitcom moments.


Mark said...

Good on you Kamal! Are they going to record the talks per chance?

Mark said...

How did it go?