Monday, 28 January 2008

TLC went well

Tasmanian Leadership Conference went well. My talks on Deuteronomy were very well received. I returned laden with presents - the conference organisers gave me a travelling pillow & eyeshades (so I could sleep better at future conferences), a pen made of Tasmanian native wood (must sign all important documents with it...) and Don Carson's book on the Emerging Church (my request - wanna find out what he thinks about it).
It was kinda cool to be sharing a platform with Conn Campbell, one of the lecturers from Moore College. Actually, I thought things were a bit upside down. He's the experienced, learned theologian - he should have been doing the heavy-duty complicated big-picture old testament thing; I should have stuck to explaining what a passage said. But it was the other way round - I did the big-picture whole-of-the-Bible thing; he did a chapter-by-chapter explanation of Ephesians. Oh well, next time...
My time here in Tas is almost up. What a shame. I've really enjoyed my time here, and I'm gonna miss the place. I now have a couple of days to relax, and then it's back to Sydney and straight into it - AFES mtgs, then church responsibilities. A couple of church people have offered to take me out for the day and show me around - better make the most of it!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kamal. Gimme Six man! Greg here - just found your blog. Hope you had a good trip back to the land of visible air. Chris and I have put your talks and photos of TLC up on the web at and Will talk to you somewhen about possibility of you coming back to Tas for a pastoral holiday, as discussed at conference.