Saturday, 26 June 2010

Biblical sexuality is a contact-point for the gospel

This continues from my previous posts on the need for a Biblical, Evangelical sexual anthropology and ethic, and how Biblical sexuality is good for everyone.

This leads to a third point. Human sexuality is a point of contact for the gospel. The goodness of Biblical, Christian sexuality provides evidence towards the plausibility of the Bible and Christianity generally. If the Christian, Biblical God puts people deeply in touch with themselves as sexual beings, that God might have something to say about the rest of life as well – even, conceivably, eternal life.

This is especially the case in post-modern culture. The post-modern mind is not persuaded by rational arguments, but by life in community which ‘works’ – which is obviously, palpably brings happiness and satisfaction. As Christians live a healthy, realistic lifestyle, especially with regards our sexuality, we will function as an advertisement for the truthfulness and reality of the God we worship.

This will have two effects. It will judge the world, for it will show up worldly sexuality as being deceptive and destructive. Some people will therefore get defensive, reject us, and desperately seek for ways to vilify us – a reaction which is deeply unreasonable, but then so is sin. But some people, by the grace of God, will, through our behaviour, be attracted to the God we worship. Christians living according to a Biblically-formed sexuality will both judge the world and attract them to Christ.

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