Friday, 18 June 2010

Flash fiction

As you can tell from some of my posts, I'm trying my hand at creative writing.

I sometimes attend the New Writer's Group gatherings at Mars Hill Cafe, Parramatta. Last weekend we did a writing exercise where we were given four objects, randomly selected from around the room, and fifteen minutes to write something based on them. The four objects were: a packet of Extra chewing gum; a candelabra; a gold watch; a multi-coloured beanie; and a lottery ticket.

After just fifteen minutes, people came up with some terrific stories and poems. It was interesting how, when writing under pressure, each writer's natural style came to the fore. One person did an absolutely hilarious piece about getting chewing gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe. Another lady wrote a romantic poem where each item stood for some aspect of the lover. I wish I collected their scripts. They were all fantastic.

The two scripts I could collect were my own, and my mum's. Mum's a fully paid-up member of the New Writer's Group (*impressed*). I'll post them over the next couple of days. Remember: five items, fifteen minutes. Amazing what you can achieve under pressure.

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