Friday, 25 June 2010

Biblical sexuality is good for everyone

This continues from my previous post about the need for a Biblical, Evangelical sexual anthropology and ethic.

This Biblical sexual anthropology and ethic will not be merely for the church, but for the world. The Biblical God claims to be the creator God of all people. Therefore, his way of living is healthy and applicable for all people everywhere, not just for the community of believers.

An evangelical, Biblical sexual anthropology and ethic is the Church’s gift to the world. We can show people how to live the ‘good life’ – a life deeply in touch with God’s design and purposes for this world, including his purposes for sexuality. And we show this to hurting, needy people, who sense the need to be sexually whole beings – and rightly so, for thus we were created by God – but who, through our rejection of God, have broken ourselves, even in the depths of our sexuality, and who now wilfully and foolishly live in sexually self-destructive patterns of behaviour. A Biblical sexual anthropology and ethic can help us love our neighbour.

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