Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New PCNSW website

Check out the new website of the NSW Presbyterians! Actually, it's been up since July - I just haven't noticed... (*shame*)
The site looks good - plenty of pictures, nice colours - and it's easy to navigate - simple, clear menus. But it seems more a portal into the Presbyterian denomination, rather than a mission resource. For example: at the home page, there's a button "for visitors" - that's good - but it takes you to a page with more info about the Presbyterian church. There's no overt evangelism. That's a pity.
The Sydney Anglican website is much more of a mission resource. There's always something there that could feed into evangelism, preaching, prayer... whatever. Although there's no overt evangelism there, either - only a very small button at the top right, "Christianity".
This isn't a big problem for the PCNSW site. All it needs is another button on the home page, with something like "What does it mean to follow Jesus", that links to some evangelistic material. Two Ways to Live would be as good as any - it's already in the links section. Or Christianity.net.au. And under the "resources" menu, creating a section for "mission, evangelism and church-planting", with links to stuff like Christianity Explained, Introducing God, the Acts 29 church planting network, and the Church Planting Village.
Any other suggestions, anyone?

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Wayne Richards said...

Thanks for those comments Kamal. All good stuff. The re-building of the site was overdue. Having got it to this stage it was hacked into and we have now just got it up again better protected. When we are convinced the foundation has a robust base, we will want to do all the things you mentioned - and more!
Wayne Richards, General Manager