Monday, 15 September 2008


Oh great. Just when I was congratulating myself on being so technologically savvy as to have this blog, I discovered vlogging. Instead of typing your journal online ("blogging" = "web-log"), you videotape yourself, and post it on the web for public consumption. It's become possible because videotaping is now so cheap & easy - not only on traditional camcorders, but on mobiles, and computers (Macs come with an inbuilt camera). You can find vlogs on Youtube (search "vlog") or on specialist sites like VlogBlog.
I like blogging, but can't see myself vlogging anytime soon. I'm too tied to a keyboard. It helps me think.
Hmmm - first I start reminiscing, then I can't adjust to new technology - yep, I'm well and truly old.
Orright, you young 'uns - up an' at 'em - get vlogging!

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